5 best iOS apps for stargazing

Looking at the night sky filled with stars, I often remember the Soviet cartoon “I Give you a star”, a beautiful work of Fyodor Savelyevich Khitruk. But seriously, as probably most of us in the sky I can see only one constellation — the Big dipper. To learn about the stars, their names and the rest of the constellations was created a great app that I would like to tell you about today.

Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 is one of the most beautiful applications of breathtaking thanks to its 3D animations. You only need to raise your iPhone to the sky to find the information you need about stars. The screen will display their exact coordinates and the constellation to which they belong. Also, the application is accompanied by a great soundtrack and a variety of subtle sound effects. In Star Walk 2 also have the opportunity to see how it will look like a starry sky in a later time of the day or even a month later. An excellent app, which is difficult to compete.

Star Chart

Star Chart is operating in the same fashion as Star Walk 2. Thanks to its capabilities you will be able to see not only stars but also the opposite hemisphere. You need to send your iPhone to the ground, and you will see what the actors see people in other countries. Time Shift allows you to consider the starry sky shortly. To explore stars you don’t always have to send the smartphone into the sky. The app will help you and a variety of gestures. When making an in-app purchase, you also will be detailed information about the various comets and meteor streams.

Star Rover

Star Rover will help you learn the sky map, using the same augmented reality as the previous application. Star Rover includes information about 120,000 stars and 88 constellations 000. To learn something new about any celestial body, click on it. To look at the sky from a different point of the Earth, you need to enter the desired coordinates manually. Just a couple of clicks you can also get information about the moon and its different phases.

SkyView Free

As with the previous application, SkyView Free complements the surrounding reality. You can view information about the stars, constellations, and watch the sky, watch for it in the past and the future.

SkyView Satellite Guide

Looking at the starry sky, you can forget about how many satellites around our Earth. For many, the observation can also be a fascinating exercise. The application can track their location and tell you who ran, and also provide you with other useful information. You can even get notified when one of the satellites will fly over your head.

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