One of the more popular game types since the advent of the iPhone App Store has been platform jumping games, and ClayJump falls into the category. The basic idea of these games is that you have to tilt your device to help your character jump off the platforms and get as high as possible. However, unlike a traditional platform game, your character just continually jumps every time you touch a platform!

The graphics for ClayJump use an artsy “claymation” look which give the game a very cartoonish type of feel. The menu’s, gameplay, backgrounds and interface are done very well. They really add to the feel of the game.

This app can be linked to your OpenFeint account to compare scores with your friends and those all around the world. You’ll also be able to earn and track “achievements” through OpenFeint as well! Once you log into your account the first time you’ll be logged in automatically every time you open up the app afterward.

The main menu has a few simple buttons and a link to OpenFeint in the lower left corner of the screen. In the “Options” menu you can set the volume of the music and sound effects  individually, as well set the “sensitivity” of the motion sensor.

Once you get into the game you control your character by tilting your device in the direction that you want him to move. Along the way you’ll see “Ice Lollies” to pick up. The more Ice Lollies you pick up, the more often you get a boost and the higher that boost will take you!

While the concept of this game is extremely simple, it is very well done! The controls are simple, and the beginning of the game is extremely easy. As you progress through the game you’ll find different kinds of platforms and obstacles that will try to keep you from going any higher!

To sum up this review I’d say that if you’re looking for a game that’s easy to pick up and play just for a few minutes, you may want to check this one out! Especially if you’re competitive you’ll enjoy the global high score feature that is included with your OpenFeint account! ClayJump is currently available in the iTunes App Store for just $0.99, so what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself today!

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